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Updated 08 June 2019

Next update 15 June 2019

FREE BEER, ALWAYS...tomorrow...always tomorrow!!!

Great DAILY Specials!!

Meet the Boomerang Bar Team

Our staff do change from time to time but we do TRY to maintain a standard!

We rotate our regular staff below so that you can expect only 2 are "on" at any time.

We apologise in advance if a particular staff member is not here when you visit.

Some say we hired them for their shallow do you think we are?

YEAH RIGHT...YOU WISH!...and oh...

We're hiring...


During Spring/Summer 2019

Join us for "Beers of the Month"

All Day RMB 40 for Punk I.P.A.

All Day RMB 188 for 6 shots of Jager

All Day RMB 128 for 6 shots of Silver Tequila

Weekdays, as well, Happy Hour starts at 4:00pm and runs for 4 hours til 8:00pm.

On Weekends it's even more generous 12 noon til 6:00pm...that's 6 hours.

¥30 Pints of Tiger

¥30 Standard Spirits

¥30 House Wine and many more...

Join us today


  • State of Origin Game 2

    Free Entry...Predict the margin and WIN

    We're Hiring...NOW